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Aeva Media & PrettyURLs

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Could anybody advise me on how to get PrettyURLs to work with Aeva Media?

There seems to be basic support (, but further than that the URLs are not "pretty" (;in=1).

Are there some additional filters I could setup?

Edit - I have found this but not sure if it is the right thing?


I don't know Pretty urls or aeva that well, but by looking at the code posted, the main problem to sort out is the regex and if nothing had changed, the code posted there should work, did you tried it?

Thanks for your reply.  I haven't tried the code as I'm unsure where to put it?

I've had a look in the PrettyURLs files in Sources and couldn't find anything that looked in a similar format.  I assume I am looking for a file with other similar code in?

Taking a quick look, it should go on prettyurls PrettyUrls-Filters.php, I'm not so sure how the filters system works as I never used pretty urls.


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