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SMF is searching for translators!

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I am not sure about the second question, but you can find the SMF english language files in the '/themes/default/languages/' folder. You will need to translate every file in the folder that follows the format '{filename}.english.php'.

There is already a translation for Vietnamese for SMF 1.1.5, so you may want to send an email to to get more information about translating. ;)

Hi target_locked.
Thanks for your translation offer. As LHVWB suggests the best way would probably be to e-mail the languages address. You can also find some more information in the stickies in Language Specific Support

husmen73 (Gulhin):
There are lots of Language moderator on our boards. You can send a private message about it to them

does this mean there's going to be an "official" translation team?
Great idea. Teams of translators can do much better than individuals. There is probably many French translators around here but I sent and email in case more are needed.


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