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If only SMF's "cut off the text after x characters" thing was more intelligent :P

I've sent a message to SleePy asking him to increase the text cutoff limit by 20 characters or so to prevent that from happening. If you scroll further down the page though, there is a direct link to the page.

Well, I think that if links are being cut-off, the link text (doesn't matter if it's a word, sentence or an address) should be cut, but the link, even if half of it is shown, should still link to the full address.


--- Quote from: Oldiesmann on November 08, 2011, 12:05:44 AM ---For those who haven't heard, Google finally launched pages for their Google+ social network. Not one to be behind in the social media front, I went ahead and created an SMF page :) [nonactive]

--- End quote ---

It is a good decision to get a page on Google+. It helps a lot in different ways .. congrats ... :)

The Google+ link, together with all the other social stuff is on the front page of the site.

I noticed this when I got on my pc today.


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