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MORE ClickSafe THEMES? ... Click Safe  ;) here

interesting design ... unsure if I like it specially if you have the admin bar on the left it creates 2 columns

Very nice & interesting Theme..
   ;)  Congrats!

You are taking an awful lot of width for content that could easily be made more compact. ;)

Great theme, just installed today and found this post with my answer. The side menu bar is a little wide but ok. Is there a way to modify it inside the theme code without making a mess? Love the Theme and thanks.

--- Quote from: ClickSafe on February 18, 2012, 04:55:59 PM ---I will work on this Antechinus.
It was my first theme  :D ... but i will make the side menu smaller  ;)
In my second theme (ButtonBar) it is already much better.

Thank you for your opinion!

--- End quote ---


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