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Hi guys,

I've read all 11 pages and I have to say I'm impressed by the amount of feedback, help, and quality. Thank you. I've learned so much. I've noticed a lot of members giving feedback and suggestions to websites when asked. So I would like the same if you all could. My site is My user name is also the web address. I've been promoting it and getting visitors but little to know posts. I haven't applied all the tips you guys said yet, but I wanted to first to see if the website and forum looked reputable or good enough for you guys.

Thanks again.


--- Quote from: Noddegamra on September 03, 2007, 07:19:46 AM ---I've recenlty added a 5 Free Online Marketing Tips guide to my blog which some of you may find useful. It suggests 5 free ways of promoting your forum/website :)

--- End quote ---

What happened to your website?

Donn H:
well. I kind of like what you guys are up to... I hope i can join that help team and we can work together @Danny & Mother

Well for a fact I really have no idea on how to do it. But at least now that I've read this posts, I am much more aware on hoe to build a successful forum.

James George:
In my opinion, having a successful forum needs a lot of time, work and probably money. In life, you can't do anything great if you don't love or at least like what you are doing. Creating a forum is easy because of the SMF script, but getting your forum to the "successful forum" state is hard, and maintaining that state is even harder. You need to work a lot, help others and so on. It's not impossible, but neither easy, which makes the satisfaction even sweeter.


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