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I've been quite against the social features in general. I'm quite sure I have changed my mind on at least a few. The web is changing, and the users find more value in interacting more than just discussions in themselves (as the forum is, basically speaking).
I guess we have been spoiled by social networks. :)
Dunno if in a nice sense or not, lol.

On the like system, though, dunno. I think there's another discussion in these boards (I don't seem to find it now) about details as to how it would behave.

As a general idea, though, I will mention that this kind of features are not going to be implemented in SMF 2.0 or 2.1, but for SMF 3.0, with a strong preference for being optional features.

for integration in the sense like it to facebook and google + is also I agree


--- Quote from: tomeh on February 22, 2012, 03:13:40 PM ---for integration in the sense like it to facebook and google + is also I agree

--- End quote ---

Just to be clear. This is already for SMF 2.0 implemented as mods (these are 3rd party mods today that can be found on the customize site afaik). This will always be "external" (mods, modules, plugins), and that's intended. While I understand the appeal and usefulness of the 'sharing on' buttons, they have no place in core in any sense. Not only because of third-party sites, which is an item to consider, but also, they enable a tracking of users activities, from G+/Facebook servers, which not something SMF will ever do - nor enable - , itself.
As long as admins choose their mod/module/plugin themselves, and want to set up this, that's their choice to make. SMF will not do it.

Most of the features discussed here may or not be default, one way or the other. I just want to be clear, that this particular one won't. I'm not sure if I'd favor it as official modification... maybe, dunno.

Norv, I was pretty much against social implementations as well, for the very same reasons (user privacy), but the web is changing very fast. What I mean is that one simply cannot ignore the boost in traffic that may come with social features enabled. Facebook, to start with, is much more popular than OpenID. Many more users are likely to use Facebook log in than OpenID log in. For example vbulletin offers Facebook Connect, facebook log in out of the box, since 8 April, 2010, vBulletin 4.0.3.

I would hate SMF being left behind. I am sure it could be an optional feature that the admin can decide on.

again...    facebook, twitter, google+ connections are all available as mods.
the "like this post" option is available for many services in many combinations in many mods...

I don't see this as being a standard part of SMF.
OpenID is/was completely different in that it was a standard, not a specific third party.

(also, I'll note that, if you are comparing softwares - WordPress doesn't have it out of the box either - nor should it)


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