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Better search?


Hi all,
I have noticed along with other members that the search function on my site doesn't really do a good job, as in it doesn't find much at all!

Is there anything i have to do/can do to improve the search function on the site. Im running smf 2.0.2


What do you mean by that? In my experience SMF has always found something I've searched for, if I've searched correctly. Its only problems are with slowness.

What are some example search queries, and results that you think are missing?

I have to agree with cotty, myself. I find the SMF search awful.

I tend to use Google's site search.

For example, if you enter this, in Google:

"better search site:"

You'll get something like THIS.

Only hassle, is that it can only search as far as guests can. :(

Thanks K@ its good to know im not the only one!

For example, i may search for a key word thats in the threads title and for some reason it doesn't find it?!

Is there something I am missing eg settings to update the search results or maybe something to add to the search function to make it more efficient?


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