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Incomplete loading online! Help


Hi there. First time trying out php. I found out about smf using google and seems pretty simple, as it's name say. I can view it on localhost, on a networked computer... but when i connect with my external IP, it just loads a text page with white background... incomplete. Other php forum scripts seem to work fine, but i want this one. I tried bridging with JFusion, in Joomla... but i can't seem to get it working. Take a look at what i'm talking about: http :// (yes, foru, not forum, for testing)

I've open ports for Apache and for mysql. I thought that mysql isn't listenting. But other scripts work online.
Please give me some advice.
Thank you

I just tried your link and, viewing the source, most of the URLs are pointing at "localhost" which suggests you need to run repair_settings.php

I know they all point to localhost, but why? I've reinstalled it from scrach many times, and the same. As i said, other scripts work with the same settings. I'll try the repair settings.
Thanks for your answer

umm... i'm not sure what i was supposed to fix there... but i deleted everything that started with http. Only the root dir remained, like this /foru/index.php. IT WORKS! I renamed 'foru' to 'forum'. If you want, you can take a look. I'll be editing it later. Gotta go.

Thank you Shambles :)


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