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Burnden Aces:
I'm currently cleaning up my web server and getting rid of some unwanted files. Looking through the SMF files, I notice a lot of them have the extension .php~.

Do these need to be on the server or am I safe deleting them without causing any problems? I know .php will need to stay, but thought it was worth enquiring about .php~.

I'm currently using SMF 1.1.15 but the same question applies to version 2 and above as an upgrade will be made later in the year.

You can consider deleting those. They are the result of a check box being checked under Admin > Packages > Options, specifically:
Create Backup versions of replaced files with a tilda (~) on the end of their names.

I've had mine unchecked for years now. :) There's a similar option in 2.0, too.

Burnden Aces:
I'll crack on with that then. Hopefully it will free up a good amount of space.

Now I've been made aware of the option, I shall look out for it when I upgrade to 2.0. Thanks.


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