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[WIP] Project Restoration


Matthew K.:
The idea for the script is something I've been wanting to accomplish for some time, but it was "officially" requested by Yoshi, some of the specific feature ideas were taken from Kindred's, although I have began to write mine from scratch.

Today I began writing the framework in Object-Oriented PHP.

This topic will basically serve as my "development blog", I will post frequent screenshots and post along with details on the progress I make, as I make it. Eventually I intend on releasing the script on GitHub or Google Code so that people can modify it to their needs, or fork it, if they so wish. The license will be MPL (Mozilla Public License) 1.1.

Thoughts, suggestions or comments are welcome.

Matthew K.:
The first thing I wanted to do when opening this project was to make a powerful core framework written in OOP that allowed for easy yet extensible modifications or addons for later versions.

Error Handling:
An error handling method was written, similar to fatal_(lang_)error(); although it allows 4 different parameters.

At the base of every error message is a footer containing the script name, and the version that is being utilized.

I'll go into a quick little bit of detail as to those four method params.

* $message - The first param, message, accepts a string. As it sounds, it is outputted as the actual error message.
* $id - The id param is optional, but will be used in almost all if not all PR framework code. It is outputted in the footer of every error message if included. Simply a key to help identify where the problem is being introduced, rather than using the file name, function/method, and or a line number.
* $fatal - The fatal param is an optional boolean (defaults to true) that allows you to rather than killing the script, to output a message directly as a method return, which may be useful in a multitude of scenarios.
* $xtra - Finally, the 'xtra' param, which allows you to add extra debugging information to the footer. This is also optional.

What is this.

Matthew K.:
Ah, I suppose I did leave that "little" thing.

It will allow you to completely reset your whole forum installaton, or just select pieces of it that you will be able to choose.


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