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Need to get Modification Settings back

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Hi, SMF peeps:

I feel sheepish asking this. I installed a skanky mod and it zotzed my Modification Settings. When I go to Modification Settings, I get a blank page. Likewise my Feature Settings. I'm just sick about this. I uninstalled the mod, and even went in by hand to make sure it's gone, but I'm still missing those two settings pages. Since the URL for the page contains "action=admin;area=modsettings" I thought I'd do a search for "modsettings" in my files, see what I could find, but that was a massive disappointment: I found 3178 mentions of $modsettings in 138 files. (Popular variable!) That's no way to fix it. I'm hoping that someone can tell me, "Bink, replace this source file and that source file and you'll be back in business again." My fingers are crossed that it's that easy. I'm pretty sure you'll say, "Bink, re-install," but I'm holding out hope that just one file was florfed and that it won't hurt as much as yanking off a BandAid.

My fingers are crossed. Thanks for any help and support you have to offer. I'm epically appreciative for anything you have.


Hi Binky

What mod was it that you installed?

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Wow, that's amazing!

Seen you have been a member here for sometime now too. What's with the low post count? ;)

I bet a few of use could learn a thing or two about running a forum from you.

Are there any errors in the error log?

Hi, Junk:

It was Social Buttons by that pooped all over everything.

--- Quote ---Seen you have been a member here for sometime now too. What's with the low post count?
--- End quote ---

I posted six years ago asking about converting my forums from Ikonboard, but back then, the only was to do it was with a PC, which I don't have, so I slunk away. Nowadays, the conversion process doesn't require a PC, so I'm gonna take the leap! Yay, me! I've been busy building myself a theme and adding mods and getting everything >just so< so that I'll be ready to take the plunge and join the 21st century and have (blush) FEATURES! Woohoo!

That's an excellent question, Arantor, and one I can't answer because when I sat down today, I had 333 errors so I deleted 'em all, thinking I'd start fresh, and I don't currently have any errors. (My life's motto: "It seemed like a good idea at the time.") I'll keep an eye on it, see whether anything interesting shows up.

(Oh, why me, ffs?)


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