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Simple Machines, our team, and our recruitment process

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As stated in OP that most will be invited to join the team starting from being support specialist. Thus, I believe that sharing your knowledge and understanding on how to solve problems to members the SMF ways will help a lot in showing your interest in becoming a team members in the positive way. You may also opt not to join if you are not ready or have other commitments or not interested in becoming team members at all. I know you are very good but I seldom see you are helping around a lot as it should be. A trait which may lead you to be offered by a team member to become one of the apprentice. Just another 2 cents from me.

Always when I enter a topic I have a virus alert ...

Aleksi "Lex" Kilpinen:

--- Quote from: feline on April 07, 2011, 04:26:50 AM ---Always when I enter a topic I have a virus alert ...

--- End quote ---
You're using Kaspersky?

See Virus Report from Spell Checker for existing discussion.


--- Quote ---Posts often and regularly.  We need people who are active and able to contribute regularly.
--- End quote ---

* I use to until I got a reply from a modder not to give support to his mode anymore... after that I stopped with helping on all mods
--- Quote ---Posts accurate information.  Not knowing the answer is fine, however posting a bad solution is worse than no solution.
--- End quote ---

* I have always only posted only if a knew the answer or point in a directions to who could help
--- Quote ---Posts information in an easy to understand manner.  As the project has expanded, we are getting more users who don't have a vast experience with computers.  We need people who can help them out as well as the super geeks like me.
--- End quote ---

* To me my replies are easy to understand :D for others with no computer skills I couldn't find the time for them.....
--- Quote ---Is respectful to the other users, especially when confronted with an opposing view.
--- End quote ---

* Always have done with everything I do
--- Quote ---Ability to work as a part of a team.
--- End quote ---

* love team work, always happy to give a helping hand if asked
--- Quote ---Has been contributing for a while.  We often get people who surge onto the scene but quickly fizzle out.  We are looking for people who will still be active a year or more from now.
--- End quote ---

* I have made Mods and shared with others via email and re-edit mods for my self but left the copy rights to the creator as I don't want someone else credit
* but will not shared them mod edits I have done on the boards, I send my moded mod to the creator for if he/she wants to use the edits they can.I don't have time to get deeply involved as I have enough to do as it is. But I will be around for a long time yet and maybe next year who knows
I might take on something more involving like this.


--- Quote from: Antes on April 03, 2011, 06:14:07 PM ---How about Localizer position ?

--- End quote ---
Now two years later  ;)


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