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Well time for another peak into the SMF admin center.  I can feel the excitment all of you are having right now.  ;)



That is really nice!!  Can't wait to see it soon.

I wonder if it still uses pop-ups.  I don't really like pop-ups, they can be a drag. 

As of now, on my beta -3.1415 test site, there seem to be some kind of conflict with javascripts in my mod; pop-ups in Permissions screen do not work.

I would love to see we don't use pop-ups


The conflict, as I thought I warned you, is due to errors in your javascript in places.  Try turning on script error notification in your browser, and then navigating to the page that has the problems.


that's really neat, thx for the preview, David... and congratulations to all the developers! :D


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