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--- Quote from: crip on September 01, 2006, 04:05:40 PM ---Hey sloopz..

thanks 8)

--- End quote ---

no problem

btw nice theme :)

Love the theme but the background seems to stop and go white when you go near the bottom of a long page... Do you know what the problem is? Please could you help me fix it :) (would be most apreciated as i love the theme :))
Thanks in advance :)

Please make these chages in the style.css file.

--- Code: ---/* The main body of the entire forum. */
background: url("images/back.gif");
margin: 0px;
padding: 0px;

--- End code ---

And please drop this background-image in the Themes/blackrain/images/ - folder..

Right click - and save this image as: or save link as: | back.gif | It's very small but does the trick, can you see the small black square??  ..
doing this Should fix the white area thats at the bottom of a page. :)


Thanks mate, it worked :D

Um another question... I've been trying to make the toplogo centralized, this is what I've done to try and get the logo in the middle rather than on the left (code extract from index.template.php. Third box down when viewed in admin center, and it's the logo part..)
--- Code: ---<body>';

   echo '
   <div id="wrap">
      <table width="600px" cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0" border="0">

   if (empty($settings['header_logo_url']))
      echo '
            <a href="index.php">center<img align="center" src="', $settings['images_url'], '/bodybg.png" title="OnFire!!" alt="OnFire!!" /></center></a>';
      echo '
              <center> <img src="', $settings['header_logo_url'], '" alt="', $context['forum_name'], '" />';

   echo '
</center>            </td>

--- End code ---
(think I've made a bit of a mess of the code now :P sorry about that). Could you show me what it is that I need to change to make it centralized

Also, is there a way the buttons can be centralized as well? (haven't touched the script for the buttons... Didn't know where to start, though thats probably a good thing :))

Thanks for your help  :)

Really nice, especailly the buttons.


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