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Recurring Events in Calendar

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Speaking off the calendar one thing I noticed is that the holiday's don't clean themselves up at all.  Is this so you can go back so many years and see all the holidays?

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psycho :)

Yea, holidays are forever :)

Any plans to change that?  I mean after 2 years its not really relevent any more and not worth the database space (though it does only take up a little bit of room).  It would be interesting (though a pain in the arse) to somehow tell it how to calculate a particular event.  Then you wouldn't have to put say Easter's date in for every year.  But of course there are more important things :)

... and if the 24-hour-day does not provide enough time, we take the night as well ...  ;)
(i am into event-technique: same problem with less time than work plus an audience, who is not willing to wait any longer for the show ...  :) )

But there's one item i noticed in the SMF 1.0 Calendar:
The "next birthdays" section in board index shows a birthday from today's date but next month as "actual" (bold).
This means if today's date is 2005-01-09, and there is a birthday on 2005-02-09, that will appear first in the list and bold ...
So i deactivated the "next birthdays" for the moment, it does not happen with "next events", as far as i could find out.

Anyway, me and my community as well want to thank all SMF coders for a grrrreat piece of work !

The setting is not meant to be above 30.  We may, however, fix it so that doesn't work - still, I'm not horribly worried about that problem just right now (because I really don't consider a birthday over a month away to be "upcoming".)



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