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Angelina Belle:
Sounds lovely.

And now -- can you replace "unread replies" with "watched topics"?

Why? Unread replies is exactly what they are.

Angelina Belle:
Because sometimes I'd like to be notified about new replies to topics I've never replied to.
Other times, I'd like to STOP being notified about replies to long-lived topics I no longer care about (like mod support threads I offered support on once, a long time ago).

A general "new replies on watched topics" along with a "set watch when I reply" setting (default) would satisfiy "unread replies to topics I've posted in", allow me to stop watching topics, and a "watch this topic" would allow me to set a watch on topics I've never replied to.

It's just more general. Wikis do watches (there's a setting to automatically watch topics/documents when you hit the "submit" button).

I'd be curious as to which of the two approaches would be more resource-intensive.

Oh that. I thought it was another minor grumble about language strings. We get a lot of those. :D

If you want new functionality, something like what you just posted makes things a lot clearer.

Angelina Belle:
Do you think that sort of rather dramatic change is feasible? Any idea if it would be good or bad for performance?


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