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well, if you installed via the package manager, the only part that you have to do manually is the part that failed....  in which case, that section would have been run automatically by the mod package

If you are doing it all manually, then you have to do what those instructions say:
run aeva_install.php and copy the files into the correct directories

babalola olasehinde:
i run it automatic via the package manager and then parse it as instructed in the mod download page but its still not showing in the menu bar.pls what could be wrong

then either you have not finished the actual installation or you don't have the permissions set correctly.


--- Quote from: Rivet on April 21, 2012, 05:19:27 PM ---I am running this plug in on a 2.0.2 board presently.  I have "Max Embedding Per Post" set to 12 now, but whenever there is more than four, I am seeing the "(Embedding disabled, limit reached)" message starting with the fifth video.

Any ideas on what I should try?  Thank you. :)

--- End quote ---

Sorry to "bump" this, but its still an issue.  I've set and reset this setting, but after the fourth video, it won't embed.  Even posting as an "Admin".

Any ideas on what to try?  Thank you.

That limit seems to be by the video provider, not by Aeva... don't think you can change that.


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