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I have thousands of messages which I cannot delete. How the clean up the database of those old phpBB messages which were sometimes deleted, but seems to have stored into database and now they appear after I do the check database in acp.

If I do it -how it should be done-, site times out or something, it whines that connection to mysql server was lost.

Go to Admin -> Forum Maintenance -> Find and fix all errors. A salvage board will be created containing all these messages. You can delete those as usual then. :)

I have tried, but the following error occuers:
--- Code: ---Database error: Lost connection to MySQL server during query
File: /SMF/Sources/RemoveTopic.php
Line: 355
--- End code ---

EDIT: Error comes after the delete attempt
EDIT: Well.. you could see that from the url, removetopic.php ;)

I can't remove even a single post/thread if it is located in salvaged board! Weird..
Something is really back f***ed up now! Statistics shows that there are 16 786 992 posts in 16 784 594 thread.

Try recalculating the forum statistics?


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