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A reminder to update your email and passwords

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Hello community,

    The Simple Machines Team would like to ask all of our users to please check their profiles and update their email addresses.  By keeping this information updated, we can continue to contact you with notifications regarding updates such as new releases.

    For some time now, after sending announcements such as the "SMF 2.0 RC3 release announcement", we received bounce messages from some of our community members.  Some of those members may have received a personal message (PM) recently about the bounced message.  Thank you for those who taken their time after receiving the PM to update your contact details.

    Some auto replies also indicate the need for us to reply to verify our existence.  We will not be replying to these emails and they will be deleted.  In addition you may receive the PM informing you of this.  The simplest solution would be for you to white list  If you're not sure how to do this, your email host will have information regarding adding a domain to your white list.

    In addition to updating emails, the Simple Machines Team would like to remind all of our community users to update passwords and/or secret questions/answers.  Weak passwords or secret questions/answers can lead to your account being compromised.  We have had a couple cases recently of this occurring.  Please ensure your password is a strong complex password and your secret question and answer is information only you know.

Kill Em All:
Also to avoid accounts being hijacked, its good to keep a good anti virus around and run it once a week. :)

my is update
thank you

Yea I know this sucks, but it goes to the SPAM box  :o


--- Quote from: Wiejeben on March 16, 2010, 06:50:14 AM ---Yea I know this sucks, but it goes to the SPAM box  :o

--- End quote ---

Mark As Safe-Not Junk and/or whitelist :)


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