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Hello all,

As you can see, I have added a new category dedicated to discussions on SMF Documentation to the forum.
This is the place for discussing eventually, the work done or to be done on documentation, on the wiki, ask questions about it, or give us feedback.

This category contains today topics which used to be part of two boards: one of the former Doc Helpers group (freely joinable, meant for documentation helpers from the community to have a place to discuss), and one for Wiki Translations (a quite new board, meant for a freely joinable wiki translators group).

In fact, to keep things simple, we have merged the two places, as they both regard the work on the wiki, and the discussions related to it. (we didn't see a need to keep two different boards for the moment, though if it will be needed, we can consider it).

The experience of the SMF project with freely joinable groups has taught us that after all, they're not always as useful as it seems, and keeping discussions in boards closed, but joinable freely anyway, doesn't help the community know about the work on this project, and doesn't help interested people to join. On the contrary, there is simply little meaning to keep this work in closed boards for no reason.

Please feel free to check out the discussions, stickies, if you're interested. Thank you.


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