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originally created by Arantor
further development by Suki

This mod needs php 5.2 or greater


 * This SMF modification is subject to the Mozilla Public License Version
 * 1.1 (the "License"); you may not use this SMF modification except in compliance with
 * the License. You may obtain a copy of the License at
This mod uses the hoverIntent jQuery Plug-in

This mod allows the admin to add one or more buttons to the bottom of a message to allow users to link the topic in social networking sites such as Twitter, Facebook and Google+.

For SMF 2.0.x only

Now support Facebook Like button, Google+, Tweet and Addthis script!

- Select which boards you DO NOT want to show the icons and the button.
- You can enable/disable every button and it will appear inside the first or every post of every topic using a nice jquery effect.
-Now there's no need to create a Facebook app!
-No theme edits, works with every theme!
-Select if you want to show the Addthis script to share an entire page with that service.

Supported Languages

o English/utf8
o British/utf8
o Spanish_es/utf8
o Spanish_latin/utf8

I welcome translations, please post it on the support post ;)


Simply install the package to install on the SMF Default Theme AND any other theme!


--- Code: ---
-Fixed issues with the Spanish_es/latin strings.
-Fixed the Addthis script showing on the profile editing pages.
-Moved the append after the call to parse_bbc() this should cover most of the problems with other mods.
-Added an option to separate the message from the buttons, just enter any number, the higher the number the larger will be the space between the message and the buttons.

-Fixed bug on install, silly bug, I know I shouldn't use $boarddir... copy/paste things from old code is evil!
-Fixed bug on logic for showing the AddThis script.

-Several bugs fixed
-Added the AddThis script for messages too.
-Added the forum name and the topic name in the twitter button
-Added a check to disable the jquery effect (Show the buttons all the time)
-Added an option to show the buttons above or below the messages.

-Re-written code.
-Compatible with SMF 2.0.x
-Added the AddThis script to share common pages such as profile, board index and topics.
-Added a jquery effect to show the buttons by hovering the message.

-Added support for SMF 2.0 only
-Added support for the google +1 button
-Fixed the "check all boxes" check on icons
-Revamp of the admin section.
-Fixed the "undefined index: view_newest_first"  error.
-Added JavaScript to show/hide the buttons/icons
-Dropped support for Simple Portal blocks

-Fixed an issue with the "check all" option.
-Fixed a bug when the "show newer first" option was enable, thanks to HunterP for the report.
-Made the facebook like button height a little bit higher, before: 35, now 80, this will show the comment box and the avatars completely.

-Fixed the Undefined errors in ShareThis.php file.
-Removed some file edits, less edits and more hooks means less headaches :)

-Fixed height of the facebook button.
-Added support for orkut, web 2 pdf, linked in, bebo, diigio, fark, iwiw, mr wong and stylehive.
-New icons 16x16
-Added a class for easy manipulation by css of the icons class="share_icons"
-Moved the language strings on its own file.
-Removed some file edits, less edits means less headaches :)
-The mod now uses a new RC4 hook add_integration_function.

-Fixed problem with multiple facebook like button.
-Fixed problem with displaying  icons and buttons on custom pages.
-Added support for SimplePortal news block and Article system.
-The mod now uses iframe for the facebook like button due to problems with SDK.
-Cleaner admin page.
-Added a "check all" option for the icons in admin.

-fixed problem with master setting for enable/disable the icons

-added support for Buzz button.
-complete rewrite.
-remove social networks no longer available.
-remove settings no longer needed.
-fixed problem with Spanish non utf8 language.
-minor bugs fixed.
-now you can include the icons and buttons on your news/articles of any portal.

-added support for share multilple messages (show only on first message or all)
-moved the buttons above the text and the icons below

-Added support for digg button and tweet button.
-Select the size of the 3 buttons
-Layout Style and Color scheme options fo the facebook like button
-Show faces or not on the facebook like button
-Better compatibility with themes.
-cleaner code.

-Added support for meneame, print friendly and friend feed sites.
-Better compatibility with themes.
-cleaner code.

-Added italian language.
-fixed a bug whe selected option "inside post at the end".
-cleaner code.

- Cleaner install
- Select which boards you DO NOT want to show the icons
- 3 different ways to show the icons
- You can select the language for the button

-Fixed some errors on 1.1.x install.

-Added support for the Facebook like button.

-Added support for 20 more social networks
-Smaller icons
-Added support for 2.0RC3

Added support for the following sites:
Added spanish language
Moved the icons above the title of the topic

[b]1.2[/b] - November 1, 2009
Added support for MySpace
Added support for 2.0 RC2
Added Arabic translation

[b]1.1[/b] - September 10, 2009
Added support for Twitter and StumbleUpon

[b]1.0[/b] - August 27, 2009
Initial release

--- End code ---

good one

Arantor , want to try this mod .. u think it will flow well on my theme ??

Also does it place to share buttons only on the first post ? and can i add more social networks, ie twitter ?

I don't know your theme. But possibly not so well on 1.1 if you have a lot of them.

There is no facility to add others - unless I add them, though I did make it fairly easy to do so, so it's not a ton of work to add new ones.

Using 1.1.10 You just help me with my theme ...  8);topicseen#msg15119

I'm guessing the share icons would end up before the ' author' bit..

I'd basically want just facebook and twitter ? should be able to swap out one for twitter right ?


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