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Guidelines Update (Customization License)

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I know, but I meant generally :P

in the real world you can do what you want, but in "smf world" it is required.

Thank you for the work on this and posting this information, BinMan. I'm sure it can only help for the future.

Definitely its useful. There are many who just takes away your work along with credits, they may now have little knowledge that they are breaking law !

Account Abandoned:
Question about the BSD 3-Clause License.

I am developing a smaller modification which will be in-house for the time being, however, if it works out well I will likely attempt to submit it to SMF mods... Just to make sure I understand correctly, as I haven't done this before... do I need to add the following in every file of the modification?

--- Quote ---Copyright (c) <YEAR>, <OWNER>
All rights reserved.
--- End quote ---

To abide by the license standards?

Thanks for assisting me with this, I just want to make sure I get it right the first time :)


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