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Help i need to convert IPB 3.1.4 to smf 2.0


Hello i want to convert ipb 3.1.4 to smf as i never paid for ipb in the first place and i dont feel to good about having a nice wordpress site and a licensed ipb (license and forum was from ipbcore) and i saw that i could bridge smf with wordpress but i couldnt find a mod for that for ipb so i need a converter or at least get someone to tell me what to modify in the converter to make the conversion possible.

I know people have made converter edits to make smf converters work for ipb so can someone tell me what to edit in the smf 2.0 converter or give me a download for the smf converter in witch you are using?

Thanks in advance.

Forget it. I redid the forums the hard way and just created new ones from scratch.



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