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Share user database for 2 (or more) different forums.

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Heh, I didn't see [Unknown]'s reply when I posted mine last night. We did it at the same time.


I've just added another forum to my hosting - but i already have a well established forum running.... but i wanted to create another forum that another website is going to use later on in the year, it all works fine, and i changed the themes database entries too just like [unknown] suggested... but i've hit a bit of a problem:

Now on the new forum, it all connects fine, but i have a cross between the original SMF template, and the template i was using... and if i try to access anything to do with the theme's settings in admin, i get this:

Unable to load the 'Settings' template.

Can you help??? my new forum looks like a mutant of my first forum!!!!  :'( :'( :'( :'( :'(

The original forum is here:
and the new forum using my first forum's accounts is here:

how can i fix it lol

Looks okay to me?


ok... looking at again closer, ummm i dunno what's i've managed to do lol

I've noticed that the new forum doesnt have the users listed in it..... so maybe it's not working correctly.
I get all of my personal messages from the original forum when i log into the new forum though!

and if i click on the 'more stats', i get "unable to load the stats template"

what have i done??!!!!!  :-\ :'( :'(


yeh it looks fine, but none of my members are there.... yet i can get my personal messages...

It's only when you log in that it explodes lol....

do i need to copy any of my themes' files from my original forum into the new forums' directory???? i didnt think i'd have to as i'd updated the 'themes' bit of the .php files like you suggested

 >:( >:( >:( lol


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