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--- Quote from: emanuele on April 28, 2012, 04:15:31 PM ---First because SMF already does a lot of checks, secondly because a host changing its PHP setup is rare, but a user changing hist host is not so rare. :P
--- End quote ---
It just seems odd to me to have SMF go through the labor of testing access modes for various operations, on a regular basis. E.g., create a file with folder 755, then 775, and finally 777 until it works. Any logged error messages could really make forum owners nervous, so I wouldn't recommend doing this often. Invoke this utility in repair_settings.php, so it will be run whenever they change hosts (they need to run repair_settings anyway).

--- Quote ---
--- Code: ---$mbname . ': SMF Database Error!', 'There has been a problem with the database!' . ($db_error == '' ? '' : "\n" . $smcFunc['db_title'] . ' reported:' . "\n" . $db_error) . "\n\n" . 'This is a notice email to let you know that SMF could not connect to the database, contact your host if this continues.');
--- End code ---

$mbname is actually the first thing on the email.
How could it be more clear?
A link to the forum?
Where? At the end?

--- End quote ---
Well, evidently it's not clear enough to many users. Change "SMF could not connect to the database" in the message to "your SMF forum could not connect to its database". That ought to be reasonably clear.

To the original topic, something related I saw today.

Yet another...

* See . The problem is that WYSIWYG mode in the editor (including the presumably vanilla one in this very forum) adds all sorts of extra tags all over the place. It also corrupts hand-entered tags (non-WYSIWYG mode). Going into WYSIWYG mode and back out is not perfectly reversible -- cruft builds up.

Anyway, the WYSIWYG editor either needs some serious fixing, or removal. Besides, I'm not even sure it deserves the appellation "WYSIWYG". I should be able to click on a mode (e.g., font size) and start typing away in the new mode. Doing an immediate in-place preview after highlighting and pressing a button is not WYSIWYG in anyone's book.
Should I open up separate topics for each item I've listed? I seem to have accumulated quite a few bugs in this one topic...

You can just start typing away in whatever mode. I just did. ;)

OK, that's odd. It didn't work when I tried it earlier. I cheerfully withdraw that complaint  :laugh:

I do notice that when I tested in WYSIWYG mode, and turned it off, there were some end tags dumped into the TEXTAREA window here that I had to delete. So, I guess that is still a problem.


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