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Colour variations ----- SOLVED.

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Would these color variations work with SMF2.

Need a Black color variation for the default theme ... Could anyone help ?

its only images and css sheet.i checked it and its fine at user panel but admin panel is totally different so in some areas you need edit but its fine as you will be only one to see that on user end its fine.

After installing the black color variation the quotes dont have a grey background anymore, users dont like it and neither do I. What can I do to keep the colors and add the grey background to the quotes again?

Thanks in advance and kind regards

I think you can change the background from style.css. Look for .quote.

Thanks for the quick response guys.
When ever i use any of the above mentioned themes ...
I get the following error :- Unable to load the 'main_above' template.
And then i gotta visit " your_forum_url/index.php?theme=1 " to get it back to normal.
Any Help on using these themes without any error's .... They worked perfect on smf 1.1.4
please help guys ....


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