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I have photoshop, but I haven't figured out a comfortable/simple way of using it to create an image pixel-by-pixel

I was wondering if there's another editor out there that makes this specific task a bit more simple, or a photoshop plugin maybe

thanks for the replies :)

Killer Possum:
You mean you want to slice it down to a bunch of pixel size pictures?

are you trying to make an icon or something?  can't you just zoom in?

yeah, I'm trying to do icons, but creating them one pix at a time, insted of doing it big and then resizing, cause the quality changes a lot

and zooming in to edit, makes me zoom out to view it, zoom in/out every few pixels is a pain, I've been doing it like that... a more specific tool would have a preview at 1:1 to see what I'm doing in the zoomed-in image

icon studio maybe?


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