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Well i use .x10 and this other forum uses, we own a game called san andreas multi player forum and they copyed all the topics and boards in my forum. How can i report them for copying

Hi there,

My suggestion would be to first talk to the website owner. Tell him/her that you don't want them to copy over your posts.

I also need to report a forum. I tried to email them beforehand and the email I got said that they'd be ignoring my next few emails.

Basically, this forum is circulating copyrighted images all over the place, and pornographic content of the users themselves. I can't really find any examples because I was IP banned. Even if I wasn't, though, the site was made private. You'd need an account to access the site. There are also a few accounts of arguments between moderators and members that lead to posts from said members being deleted by moderators and members being permanently banned without warnings. One example would be that complaints are coming in from all over the place about the moderators, and one person decided to PM the administrators. 3 PMs and basically a year later, no replies. They also tried actually PMing the moderators to discuss this and no replies. Then they brought it in public and they got permanently banned and their suggestions deleted. Back on the copyrighted images, they're being hosted at a site that the forums are associated to and there have been complaints from photographers since.

Who can I talk to this about? Should I post the link here?

You can take it up against their host. Google "whois" and enter the address of the site there to find out who that is.

I just tried that, it says "None of the records publish domain name ownership data; they all use a privacy or proxy service. "

I'm not sure how to use that site though. I figured since it was a simplemachines forum, I might be able to ask someone here to help me.


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