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Statement regarding SOPA

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Angelina Belle:
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Look at the supporters.

Hope this bill will not be implemented.Disgusting, No to SOPA.

A few updates on CISPA...

The bill passed through the House of Representatives yesterday, albeit with some changes. There is still some debate as to whether all of the changes made things better or not. See Insanity: CISPA Just Got Way Worse, And Then Passed On Rushed Vote for more info.

The Electronic Frontier Foundation has made it easy for you to contact your local congress people about this. See

It will still email both those in the House and the Senate (even though it already passed the House), but it's faster than digging up the info yourself :P

The president already said he would veto it if it passed Congress, but that was before the recent changes, so things might change. There's an official petition asking him to veto it on the White House website as well.!/petition/veto-cispa-if-it-makes-it-past-both-houses-congress-legislation-harmful-american-people/fKW3bVhg


Thanks for the info Oldies. I will be heading over to social sites to spread the word, as soon as I have a little time, for people to know and act.

This is turning into an insane game, of who's going to get tired first and give up...


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