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SMF 1.1.13, SMF 2.0 RC4 Security Patch, and SMF 2.0 Release Candidate 5

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--- Quote ---An Error Has Occurred!
The package you are trying to download or install is either corrupt or not compatible with this version of SMF.
--- End quote ---

  Attempted to upgrade from within the Administration Center in v 1.1.12 (a fairly vanilla install might I add).

This topic is not to be used for support. Please post in your appropriate boards.

I just saw this update when visiting the admin panel in my forum and when i checked here, no announcement had yet been made. :)

I don't understand why a change in licence is preventing the release of 2.0 final. Shouldn't a change in licence be able to be made quickly and easily if properly planned in advance? 5 years and 2.0 final is still baking... Honestly, i think it's just a clever way for the developers to say that the final version is not yet ready! Packing my non-existent admin hopes until 2012! LOL

But i greatly appreciate the efforts put into the fixes. I will definitely upgrade to 1.1.13 but i don't know if a 2.0 RC6 might be out later on, given the very unusual trend on SMF, so i'll just stick to my RC4 to avoid unnecessary work in re-installing all my modifications, manual edits and themes. With such a huge amount of time (as my brother made 2 kids in that same development time. LOL) i can only hope (for the sake of this software's reputation!) that when 2.0 gold is finally out, it won't be too buggy, if at all.

Thank you for your work! :) *Thumbs up*


--- Quote from: JBlaze on February 11, 2011, 03:57:07 PM ---This topic is not to be used for support. Please post in your appropriate boards.

--- End quote ---
Not asking for support nor am I expecting it. I've been using SMF since 2005 and I've posted 5 times, total. Do you still feel like upping you count to more over 10,000 posts by stating the obvious? 


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