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let's do another secret forum for boards with over 3M posts... :P

theres no secret forum, its just an exclusive board and its been said so it def aint a secret.

I'm very curious how you manage the attachments directory. Do you have only one attachments directory?

If the question is off topic , pls delete.

I would be interested to know which boards have the most daily posts.

I know would be up there.


--- Quote from: Shrukan on September 14, 2008, 06:35:45 PM ---Only another 490,000 to go XD. Although I dunno if there is a point. Most people stick with SMF and then go to IPB or VB... :/

--- End quote ---
Actually we are in the middle of a ipb -> smf conversion with about 350k members, 2.4m posts.
On the test run stage, waiting for the rest of the new site to be ready..


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