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Eren Yaşarkurt:
Are you having a difficulty managing the Design Team alone?

What did you learn while being on the design team?

Wow my favorite SMF team developer :)
i wud first of all like to say that i love ur works
especially ur helios multi theme which im using in my site @
and secondly ur wonderful Tiny Portal!! :)
keep up the gr8 work!! :)

my question:
what made you choose ur username 'bloc' ?


--- Quote from: sloopz on February 04, 2006, 07:05:04 AM ---if you had £1million  what would you spend it on?

--- End quote ---
oh, down-payment on the house, trust-savings for the kids...lots more I guess.

--- Quote ---if you had 3 wishes what would it be?

--- End quote ---
The whatever-you-wish kind? then 1.) the world being a peaceful place 2.) my family staying in good health and 3.) SMF being the leading free forum script ;D   

--- Quote ---Out of all the themes what is your favorite?

--- End quote ---
Themis. I enjoy using it, always has. Like the others too of course, but that one is always been something of a fav.

--- Quote ---
BTW Black isnt a colour its a shade :p

--- End quote ---
If you want to take the philosophical route it can be many things... ;)


--- Quote from: Aäron on February 04, 2006, 07:06:48 AM ---Have you ever watched Star Trek or one of its spin-offs? If so, did you like it?

--- End quote ---

Yes, I have. :) I liked the original and the Next generation series. After the first season of the latter I kind of fell of the wagon, but any good SF enthusiast needs to have at least seen a Star Trek episode/movie or two. Its a classic.


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