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Need some On/OFF graphics ASAP

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Why do these icons have to be circles, squares, or something like that?

I'm a fan of bigger more noticable changes.  Can't the whole row light up?  A perfect example of what I mean is when a category lights up.  You notice that.  It's cool.  It looks nice - at least in my opinion.

But, just for this icon... I'd like to see something... a little different.  Like, why not some sort of pound sign? (#) Why does it have to be a circle or a square?

I don't really know though, I'm just saying.


Hey wow - those are great!  Any chance you could make the difference in colour a little clearer? They gray and blue is really close, and those of us with bad eyes may have trouble. Thanks though!

And no - it doesn't have to be a circle at all. It fact, it could be just a lever thing if you wanted.  I just meant that I liked the circles we have, and that someone could use that as a starting point if they wanted.

Daniel D.:
I think they're great ! They have to be more colorful (don't know if you mean it with "light up" Unknown). It doesn't matter if they only work on a lighter background because they should fit in ONE template and not multiple (am I right) ?

Killer Possum:

--- Quote from: babylonking on February 24, 2004, 05:32:55 PM ---
--- Quote ---well it looks smooth on a light background but put it on a dark one and you will see little imperfections (white pixles and what not).
--- End quote ---

gif format there no way to make the circle looks smooth,  Only one way which is you use pencil tool and make the brush opacity %50 and start clicking and adding light color around the circle edge and this will take too much time to make it look smooth but still not enough to make circle %100 smooth. ::)

--- End quote ---

Yeah I know, I was replying to pege ;)


--- Quote from: babylonking on February 24, 2004, 05:26:36 PM ---
--- Quote ---so how did you do those (although lighter colors tend to look smoother)?
--- End quote ---

I designed them in photohsop.

The circle edge looks smoother when i designed in macromedia fireworks but it doesn's have more style options like photoshop.

--- End quote ---

Use both. Use one first, then switch.


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