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Not offering (User)NAMES when i start typing it to send new message

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My problem is, where i can type registered member names (for example: new private message to...). the name is not offering, but a thin black line appear (may the empty offer box).
What i tried and failed to correct the error:
type begining of known name (maybe just not shown or name is in background) and try to select by press DOWN key.
Change theme to default, maybe the theme is too fron and the box is under it.
Downgrade 2.0.2 --> 2.0.1 --> 2.0 version of forum.

I have many many plugins, and dont want to uninstall them with all of settings, because if its turn out its just a minor problem i get crazy :)

It would be nice if someone can tell, which part in which file is responsible for this offering box.
may i can figure it out something. Of course full solution is welcome also :)

How is it looks like... 1. empty box  2.start typing with know name (you can see thin line to try offering every names started with "ware...."

Thank you in advance!!!!!!

Matthew K.:
It could either be an issue with the theme, or JavaScript. Do you have JS enabled on your browser? I'd honestly suggest contacting your theme author.

Javascript is working, i tried it with different computers, even different browsers.
The theme cant be wrong, because its worked before, and i tried with default theme also.
I used firefox inspect element and found this (pic), but cant identify the file itself.
If i could i try to modify autocomplete=On.

Matthew K.:
Autocomplete is something different...

The Craw:
I've seen this issue before with mixed file and text encoding, and the UTF-8 byte order mark being inserted into the document, thus fouling up the response text for Ajax calls. Are there a few funny characters on top of your forum? Something like:

--- Code: ---

--- End code ---


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