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Setting a new registration agreement

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Sorry if this is a stoopid question or in the wrong place but I'm not the most pooter literate chap in the world. I've got hosting and loaded SMF on ittoday but it's fried my brain a bit.
Anyhow, the first of many many questions is,,,, for now anyway.

'How do I change the registration agreement so any new members have to answer a couple of questions to register?'

Many thanks in advance  :)

You're gonna slap yourself...

In the very root of your forum, you'll find "agreement.txt".

Guess what that is...? ;)

That's just a text file, though. If you look through the mod site, there may be something, there, that does what you want.

Thanks for that but I haven't got the foggiest and definitely cant write http stuff. 

Let me have  look around, to see if I can see anything.

Gimme a few months while. ;)

Which version of SMF are you on?

Thanks, 1.1.11 I think. Once I get that sorted I will leave you alone a while,,,,,,,,,,,,fingers, toes, eyebrows crossed :laugh:


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