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Members can delete their own topics


Hi there,

On our forum, members can delete their topics which they've started by theirself,
but we only want that the moderators on our forum are able to delete topics.

Which permission setting is the correct one?
We have looked thoroughly at the permission settings,
but apparently the members are still able to delete topics.

This is a huge problem. We don't want the content to dissapear
without a good reason.

Thanks for your advice.

Hi James

In your permissions has
--- Quote ---Delete replies to own topics
--- End quote ---
been ticked?

Are your members in a inherited to another group ?

Are your membergroup the default group or did you create a regular group in the membergroup area .. I ask this just to see if the permissions in the post group may be the problem also.

Guys, thanks for the comments.
It's solved.

What was the problem? We put some boards, like a board where you can promote your own site and a board where you can wirte articles with link to own site, on a permission profile which says "approve by a moderator" - because we don't want spam.

That permissionprofile has the "deleted own topic" option turned on.

I never looked at this specific permission profile, because (I thought) it was only being used for 5 boards
so I think it hadn't come under my attention. I thought "general permission" was the only profile.

Thanks. I am now going to change the settings to this permission profile too.


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