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"bookmarking a page" usually refers to saving a page as a bookmark or favorite in your browser.. perhaps you should use the term 'track this topic' or something similar so that it doesn't confuse users?  Just a thought.

$txt['bookmarks'] = 'My Bookmarks'; $txt['bookmark_list'] = 'Bookmarks'; $txt['bookmark_list_empty'] = 'You don\'t have any bookmarks at the moment. Add one by clicking \'Add bookmark\' in topics.'; $txt['bookmark_open_window'] = 'Open in new window'; $txt['bookmark_delete'] = 'Delete bookmark'; $txt['bookmark_delete_success'] = 'The bookmark was deleted successfully!'; $txt['bookmark_delete_failure'] = 'The bookmark couldn\'t be deleted.'; $txt['bookmark_add'] = 'Add bookmark'; $txt['bookmark_add_success'] = 'The topic was successfully added to your bookmarks!'; $txt['bookmark_add_exists'] = 'This topic is already listed in your bookmarks!'; $txt['bookmark_add_failed'] = 'Failed to add the topic to your bookmarks.';

this appears above of my forum

i get rid of it but it seems not working. is there an admin for this mod?

It looks like its interfering with other mods.

@ tonzi

 You have the same problem here as you had with the friendly YouTube mod. I posted the solution to it there for you.


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