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Why chmod 777 is NOT a security risk

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I need to move something to that other host too ;)

Killer Possum:

--- Quote from: Anguz on February 09, 2004, 05:36:30 PM ---that's precisely the other host we're talking about (~_^)

--- End quote ---

Oh, right... guess I should have read those posts a bit more thouroughly

I am trying to understand, basically my YaBB SE site was fine with permissions 755 and I was able to do everything, but SMF needs to be 777 or I am limited on doing things?  Why have that change?  I think most hosts don't let you change to 777 and shut sites down for that.... and not everyone has the cash to host themselves.

If 755 works for you, that is fine.  But on some hosts you need 777.


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