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Yes please.  I am very thankful of your help.  I need this notify board option to use SMF to run virtual board meetings.

Thanks in advance and I am very grateful.


Hi Mr. Pftq

Sorry about being annoying and greedy.... any luck in making a notify Board mod?

I sincerely thank you for your help if you are willing to help me with this.  If not I also understand.  I am just grateful of the "notify group" mod you made. 

Thanks for your help

Sorry I did not mean to ignore you.  My schedule has been hectic the last couple of weeks, so I was planning to work on this mod over Thanksgiving.

Thanks for the reminder, and I will have the mod updated by this Saturday. :)

Updated.  It's basically just like the Topic notification page except for boards.  Let me know if you want any more changes made. :)

Hi there. would this be possible for SMF 2 RC3?


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