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Why i dont get spammers in my forum

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I just installed avatar select and viola no spammers.
Do bots know how to select avatars?

Good work they seem to have stopped our spammers

is there a way i can remove all members who have never made a post?

I looked and didn't see anything, someone else may know more but if you don't very many menbers you can sort post column and click the  members with out post and then click delete,


--- Quote from: bluedevil ---i dont get spammers at all on my working  5 years old forum.
--- End quote ---

I'm half tempted to register on your forum pretending to be a bot so you can't claim this anymore :p

This is very useful advice, thanks for sharing it. The reCaptcha mod didn't help as much as I hoped, but adding in a security question relevant to the content of the site stopped all bots dead - I still get the occasional spam from India as they seem to have real humans registering accounts (using Google to get through the question), though it's so infrequent that it can hardly be considered a problem.

I just realized that spammers registered in my forum but they never managed to post anything. Anyway, I will install the mods now. Thanks for the recommendations!


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