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SMF MediaWiki integration released

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Supercool! Thanks!


--- Quote from: SleePy on December 08, 2011, 04:21:41 PM ---There shouldn't be to much work in getting to work on the older version.  Mostly if not all should be just changing the database fields to match SMF 1.1 fields.  I think all the other code should support 1.1 just fine.

I haven't heard any complaints from our international users about this.  However SMF I know makes sure to set the character settings when it first starts up.  So if it isn't working, its most likely because the connection to the SMF database is using latin and needs the query to tell it to read as utf8.  Something such as:

--- Code: --- SET NAMES utf8

--- End code ---

Would need to be ran after the connection to the SMF database is made.  I am not 100% sure though, my expertise in character sets is not the best :D

--- End quote ---

This might seem a stupid question to you but... how do you change the database fields to match SMF 1.1? I mean, in a pratical way, since I don't know which ones were changed from 1.1 to 2.0 (do you guys happen to have any tool for this?).

Nevermind Sleepy, I suceeded with your tip about the "set names" to uft8 in the 1.1 compatible SMF_Auth. ;D

I used an example of a Wordpress + Mediawiki bridge where they used this:

--- Code: --- mysql_query("SET NAMES utf8");
  mysql_query("SET CHARACTER_SET utf8");
--- End code ---

and it worked quite ok when placing it after the query that does the connection to SMF.

Problem solved, many thanks! ;)

Study Force:
Had been waiting for this for ages, but now that I have bridged my own (and am quite satisfied), thanks anyways!

Excellent work.

I tried this bridge, but i am getting "password error" message every time i am trying to login from MW (the password is correct everytime btw, MW: 1.18, SMF:2.0.1)


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