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Calendar events linked to default language?

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Seems like a good time to learn, then. ;)



--- Quote from: K@ on May 04, 2012, 06:51:53 AM ---I know these things are relative, coz I wouldn't have a bloody clue. But, I mean "How difficult would it be, for someone who knew what they were doing?" ;)

--- End quote ---
I'm lucky then, you are not asking me. :P
* emanuele knows nothing about calendar (and that's a fact)
But I know holidays are stored into the database and I assume are not in a language files in order to give anyone the possibility to easily add their own (if holidays would be in a text file to add a new holiday you'd need to first add the entry to the database and then edit the language file (or all the files for all the languages you are using) to add the "name" of this new holiday (okay, I know it could be tweaked to check if the $txt exists and use it or not :P)) and edit the existing ones.

For "us" Italians there is somewhere a sql file with all the holidays translated in Italian (that can be imported from phpMyAdmin). I think that at the moment is the easiest way to obtain the result.
Of course if you want you can pack such a file into a mod (the install would be a replacement of all the entries, the uninstall a re-replacement with the original (English) ones) and upload it for example to the mod site...

Just to prove what I said about my knowledge of such matters...

I barely understood four words of that.

What might be better is to not have any holidays at all in the base package and then have each country's holidays as an installable package.

That at least is what I plan to do with Wedge's calendar plugin, because I don't see any other way of doing it. (Though I suspect the method of installable will be different.)


--- Quote from: Kindred on May 04, 2012, 07:53:30 AM ---Grudge wrote a holiday import/export mod....

 I included it along with the recurring events.... But never updated it for 2.0.
Someone had it for a little while, but then had issues and dropped off....   
You could take a look at what grudge did, originally, if you don't want the rest of it. It was fairly simple - read in or out as a text file, listing the holiday names and dates.

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