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[IMG] is not displayed after conversion.

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Hello guys,

we converted a forum from phpBB3 to SMF2 (which went smoothly, nice!). After putting the forum online, we came across this bug, that images linked with the bbc code [img] are not being displayed. I cant confirm it yet, but I think this might be the case with every bbc code.

After editing an entry and simply saving it - without any adjusting, because the bbc code was there alright - the forum displayed the image just fine.

So I think there is a bug in converting the tags or the threads in which the tags are.

So any idea? This is kinda urgent, I hope someone can help me.

I already looked around in this forum, but couldnt find any solution. Just more complains about this bug.

Hey, I still need help with this one, guys. :p

to get my imgs to show up after conversion from phpbb3, I had to go in and use the modify post and save it again, i think it helps to refresh it or something, I didnt actually modify anything but it forced a refresh and images show now, luckily for me I did the conversion early so I didnt have a lot of post and a couple moderators helped me, hope it works, Im sure you were loooking for a better answer but it s all I can offer. :)

Is that really the only way? There's probably thousands of [img] tags in my DB and I have to change them manually?

Sadly it's the only way.

The way the converter's build is what causes the issue..


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