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necessary mod Packages/temp dir not getting created or doc'd


I was having a similar situation, so I figured that I might share my problem to perhaps shed light on a possibly-common problem and solution. What I found in the process is what I would call (in standard Bug Tracking System vernacular) a severity=2 bug (since there is a work-around) which is priority=1 (since it affects everyone who tries to install mods which require a "temp" directory" inside the Packages directory).

My server is a VPS at Pair Networks which is running Ubuntu.

Mod addition steps:
1) I navigated to:
  Admin->Package Manager->Download Packages->Package Servers->Browse

2) I downloaded a mod listed under "Security and Moderation" section:
  Login Security

3) The "Installation actions [for the mod]" state that type 1-6 are successful, while Types 7-8 (extract file; LoginSecuritysql2.php) are the last unstarted actions. It's in 7-8 that my problem seemed to be located.

4) I fill in the FTP information (my Pair Networks admin account's Username/Password, localhost, port 21) and the "Test Connection" for FTP passes.

5) The "Proceed" always comes up with a non-distinct error message about the permissions needing to be open but tells me nothing about what or where.

6) I walked through the code and process with a wonderfully-patient Pair Networks Support fellow, who traced the problem down to the required existence of a "temp" directory which does not exist.

This is a basic bug in the Packages creation because any mods require its existence but cannot create it as "nobody" in a user's [unknown admin name] environment.

Suggested install "fix":
As the aforementioned "unknown" owner is known when installing SMF as the account administrator (as opposed to when installing a mod as the SMF administrator), create the "temp" directory" (albeit empty) at that time.

An example (from Ubuntu installation of SMF 2.0 inside a directory called "forum":

   mkdir /usr/www/users/[account_name]/[domain_name]/forum/Packages/temp
   chmod 777  /usr/www/users/[account_name]/[domain_name]/forum/Packages/temp

It will be writable whenever the Package Manager tries to install a third-party modification package.

best wishes,

usually there is an error produced when the temp folder is missing, is this still an issue?

Considering the package manager has been deeply revised by Spuds for 2.1, I'll move this to fixed.


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