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Code edit to allow login to work on my main website page


hello there
ive upgraded our forum from 1.1.16 to 2.0.2
i had code on my main page (not forum folder) where i had a login reside
the problem is it throws me the following error :-

Fatal error: Function name must be a string in /homepages/2/d398538194/htdocs/headtohead/messageboard/Sources/Load.php on line 133

i know its not that load.php thats the issue as although it says it doesnt point to a string - it matches the db exactly table for table... also i know the site is pulling from the db properly as i have populated my table of leagues created on the main page also

the code is on the main page but is code used for the login through the ssi functions

the following is the code i "had" on 1.1.16

--- Code: ---<?php
 * @author *********
 * @copyright 2012-2020
 $usertype = ssi_login('','array'); flush();
//echo "user: $usertype";
/* when value = 1 then loged out!! */
<div class="DivLeftTop">
<table border="0" align="center">
<?php ssi_login('http://www.********'); flush();?>
if ($usertype == 1){
echo "Or <a href='messageboard/register.php?'>REGISTER HERE</a><br>";
echo "";

if ($usertype != 1){
echo "<br><br>";
$user_id = get_user_id($user_info['username']);
$last_subscription = get_last_subscription_month($user_id);
if (isset($last_subscription)){
echo "Your subscription is valid until ". date('d-m-Y', $last_subscription);
echo "<br>";
echo "You don't have a subscription<br>";

ssi_logout(); flush();

--- End code ---

the part between /* and */ can be ignored as thats the hidden subscriptions part we dont use right now but as its hidden/commented its not interfering in anyway (i dont think lol)
does any1 have an ideas as to what the code should look like in order to communicate properly with the ssi of the forum??
any help greatly appreciated :D

ok scrap that
played about with the ssi again in a fresh page and it does work
so im off to a diff part of forum now for the load.php error lol
this can be removed now
sry for the bother :D


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