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[4958] remove-dir bug

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first of all: It's a great job you're doing on the board software :)

My Version: 2.0.2

I found a little "bug" on Sources/Subs-Package.php line 1318:

1316 elseif ($actionType == 'remove-dir')
1317   {
1318      if (!is_writable($this_action['filename']) && file_exists($this_action['destination']))

While removing a directory, there is no "destination" attribute, hence this will always throw the following error (or some quite similar) onto the logs:

8: Undefined index: destination
File: /var/www/smf/Sources/Subs-Package.php
Line: 1318

Easy to fix ;)

Have a nice day.

hmmmm... you say always...   yet I have never seen that error in my error logs, despite multiple installs and uninstalls of mods which create (or remove) directories.

Okay sorry, that was a quick shot ^^
It will only appear on your log, if the directory is not writable of course, else it won't check the second part of that evaluation (the file_exists), where this error occures. It's minor, but I though I'm gonna report it nonetheless ;)

Joshua Dickerson:
Yep, seems pretty simple. Tracked:

Cannot test at the moment and the package manager is not exactly my favourite piece of code... :P
destination should be changed to filename, right?


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