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javascript incompatibility: z-index?

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Hi There,

as you can see on the images in the menu on yabsse 1.5 I use the pop-up javascript to expand the alt'tags.

The included file is
But if I include the same file into SMF the box suddenly does not float anymore, but appears inside the page?!?

Check the dev example: : it looks ok, until you mouseover the images in the menu.

What has changed between Yabbse and SMF? Any help appreciated!


check this out

url=]and this[/url] :)

ummm. Ok, I have been bad and not a coder and sloppy and all.
 :( ::) >:( ;) 8)

But what does that have to do with the problem?

Why does it work in Yabbse, not in SMF?

well, i'm not sure, but i would start with validation.  sometimes just one mis-placed item can screw up everything.  happened to me today.  i was puzzled why a background image wasn't showing up.  finally tried to validate my css, and there was the problem.  instead of ; there was a "--messed up everything. 

you'll probably stumble across the solution while you're validating.  go for it :)

I've never trusted absolute positioning.  It just never works properly.



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