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[2.1] Hooks in 2.1

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--- Quote from: Illori on October 05, 2011, 05:54:55 PM ---and how does LDAP apply to the overhaul of hooks?

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Maybe I picked it up wrong or it means different things depending what community your in but I would interpret it to be considered the extension of existing functions/functionality to allow new options or features.

Please correct me if I'm wrong in the sense of SMF :)

we mean the already built in hooks, that mod authors can use when creating mods.


--- Quote from: Miss All Sunday on October 05, 2011, 05:56:00 PM ---
--- Quote from: live627 on October 05, 2011, 05:50:19 PM ---Overhaul how, exactly?

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in general, in every possible way, in every possible approach.

An example, some of us are thinking in hooks having its own table.
find a better way to handle hooks on uninstall/upgrading
finding a solution on the current system where you load a file everytime.

things like that.

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Oh.... so not only the core hook functions, but also the package manager.

Perhaps, in package-info, blocks could be used for hooks, like

    <hook point="pre_load">my_plugin</hook>

Same for uninstall.

I saw Sinan mention he wanted hooks to also call files. I'd say to do it. Then such pseudo-hooks could be removed like admin_include, pre_include,  theme_include.

I don't know about hooks living in their own table. Where they are seems fine to me. They could even be a serialized array instead of CSV which could also help in storing multiple values such as file, class, function.

I remember hearing that Matt put a mod with tons of hooks for the core on the team boards before he left. In anticipation of that, I did not suggest any new hooks (even when Norv asked me to :P)

Yes there is some ideas as to provide another tag for hooks.

Yes all the hooks SD left are now on 2.1

I will vote for having a separate table for hooks, settings is already too bloated IMO, plus it will make handling hooks a little better.

We also discuss about having an admin page where you can enable/disable or otherwise administrate hooks

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