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"No Avatar" Radio Button Always Displayed in Profile

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Not sure if this should be reported as a Bug.

SMF 2.02

I run a private forum for about 400 members where the admins set the avatars for each member when we sign them up.

All the user avatar features are turned off, but on the member's profile page, one radio button always remains displayed for "No Avatar" and the value is "ON".

So, if a member changes another part of their profile, then clicks the "Change Profile" button, his avatar link that we have set is broken.

When all user avatar features are turned off, the "No Avatar" option should also be disabled.

Am I missing something or is it a bug?

Yeah, I agree. Let me move this to bug reports real quick.

Since the only options are:
Select an avatar from the server   
Upload an avatar to the server   
Choose a remotely stored avatar

I guess we need to add a specific permission to allow avatars or not.

That what I was wondering me too...on the other hand which other way there is to allow someone to use an avatar apart from those three?
If you remove those three permissions the users will be de facto unable to select an avatar.

That's what I was thinking:
But at the moment I'm not sure if the 'enable' is taken in consideration when saving the form.


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