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Please add recurring events in calendar.

- I want an event to happen every week.
- every month
- every 3 months
- every year.

I'd like to second that request.  I would also like to be able to put in specific times and duration for an event. 

SMF is great forum-ware, developing the calendar would really make it shine.


Yes, i would like to have that as well.
(Found this request while searching for that mod ... )

And: SMF Rulez !
Migration from YaBB1G was a little difficult, but the perfect decision !!!

I would also like to be able to post an event without making a forum post.  Some events just don't need much of an explaination (IE College Spring Semester Begins)

MikeMill, 1.1 will have unlinked events.

The calendar is something I'm trying to improve over time - but it's a slow process as there is always higher priority things to get to first :/


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